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Hey Yall This is Me!

Hey Yall!

Welcome To Gabbie + Co and Tee Shirt Society!

My name is MandieLee and I'm your favorite Tee Shirt Girl, and this not-so-little guy in the photo with me is my oldest son, Silas!

Im so excited that you are part of Gabbie + Co. and that I can provide you with all of your Tee Shirt needs and much more! 

I wanted to take a second and tell you how much your support of my Small Business means to me and how you impact my life each day. I am a mother of 2 medically fragile kiddos; Silas who you see above and Archer who passed suddenly in 2019. 

After Archer passed away, I decided that I would take my hobby and turn it into a real business, I needed something to help keep me busy and occupied while Silas was at school and Archer was no longer here. So, I started Gabbie + Co. with the help of my awesome Mother who knows all things, Tech! Then in 2020 we almost lost Silas and we were stuck in the hospital for 8 weeks 6 of those on life support and not knowing if he would come home with me or not so I decided to start Tee Shirt Society and deliver Amazing tees each month to people like me and you! 

With your support through Gabbie + Co. and Tee Shirt Society, I'm able to stay home with this kiddo and enjoy life with him for the time we get to have him hear on this earth.

I love serving each and every one of you with each of your purchases and I'm so thankful every day I get to do what I love and not miss the small things in life with this kid and of course my Amazing and Supportive husband Matthew.


Thank You so much for all your love and continued support and for reading this far! 


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